A dream vacation, a travel insurance nightmare
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While booking a weeklong cruise to Panama on a Windstar sailing yacht, Marita and her husband, Frank, also took American Express Travel’s offer of a $ 1,149 insurance policy from CSA Travel Protection. That was fine with the Florida couple in their 70s, who always get travel insurance. The CSA plan would provide a full refund of their $ 8,000 vacation if they needed to cancel before or during the trip.

The couple, whose names we’ve changed at their request, felt differently seven weeks later upon learning that they could have bought an equivalent policy directly from Windstar for $ 660—a savings of $ 489. Marita contacted American Express Travel twice but got nowhere; then she contacted us. The documents she sent indicated that she had declined the Windstar insurance; she said she was never offered that alternative, so she couldn’t have declined it.

In order to get the couple’s $ 489 back, we had to work our way through a thicket of confounding rules. The agent who sold the CSA policy told us that a refund was impossible because the policy’s 10-day cancellation period had passed. The American Express corporate office didn’t respond to our request for a resolution.

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