When to buy travel insurance and when to skip it
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Chances are you can’t buy an airline ticket or book a cruise without being asked if you’d like to buy some travel insurance too.

If you’re the kind of consumer who hates any kind of risk, you might automatically agree. If you’re the kind of consumer who thinks travel insurance is always a waste of money, you’re likely to say no.

Both consumers could be wrong.

Travel insurance might be a waste of money for some trips, but it could save you thousands of dollars on others. The trick is knowing which trips are worth it.

Read the fine print

Travel insurance is like any other insurance. The more protection it provides, the more it is likely to cost. Consumers first need to understand what a policy covers and what it doesn’t. That means reading some fine print, which is never pleasant.

Most standard policies cover your trip if it is canceled or if you can’t go because of an unexpected illness or injury. Just because the trip doesn’t go the way you planned, that probably won’t cut much ice with an underwriter.

Sandra, of Reno, Nev., bought Trip Mate insurance for a special trip to Brazil, where she planned to spend her 65th Birthday with…………… continues on ConsumerAffairs

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